What was the story behind your move to Prague?

I studied Data analytics and I got an internship in London. It was a large data science organization. After being there for three years in various positions I got the opportunity to go to Turkey or Czech Republic with my employer. I was really fed up with London so I decided to go.

And you chose Prague…

Yes. Turkey was interesting to me, too. I have a couple of Turkish friends and the city is by the sea. But I just didn’t want to go that far and I thought it was better to choose something nearby.

What was your first experience?

I remember being on the tram and having feelings like: "Ok, I am going to be here for next two years, I hope I am going to like it." (laughing) And I have to admit, I really do. You have a lot of beautiful towns. There is so much to do compared to other European cities. I didn't know that before I moved.

You have also found a Czech wife here. Do you speak Czech?

In Belgium, we learn lots of languages. In school, we have Dutch, French, German and English. I thought when I first came, it’s going to be fine and I will learn it fast. But – forget it! I took courses, but when you have a demanding job, it’s really hard. Learning Czech takes a lot of time. So, to answer your question: yes, I speak Czech, like three-year-old.

What do you think about Czech people?

I was surprised I have never noticed a big cultural difference between Czechs and Belgians. In general, we are very honest and straight up speakers, and so are you. When I had a job interview, people told me their personal problems, and that was very new to me.

Unfortunately, Czech people don’t realize how good of a life they have.

You own a company. How many people are on your team?

Yes, I have a start-up called DataSapiens that employs 17 people and we do data analytics. We’re a mix of nationalities so we are sharing our “expats lives” together. Our main focus is to help people to monetize their data.

How do you relax?

When my son was born, I wanted to be with him and my wife as much as I can. I wake up very early and try to be in the office around 6 a.m., so I can go home sooner. It’s extremely hard to balance work, family life, and sports activities.