Dania and Antonio, can you tell me where you come from and how did you get to the Czech Republic?

Dania: I am originally from Syria, but I have been living in the Czech Republic for more than 14 years and I even have Czech citizenship. I came here because of my family – my father studied in Prague back in the 60s and then he moved to Prague for good. So, I kind of followed him. I got my master’s degree at the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT) here in Prague.

Antonio: I’m Brazilian. I moved to Prague about one and half year ago. I have always wanted to live in Europe. Then I lost my job in Rio de Janeiro, and facing the actual difficult economic situation in Brazil, I decided to make that move.

How long have you been working for ExxonMobil and what did you do before?

D: I’ve been in ExxonMobil for almost 2 years. Before, I used to work as a young researcher at the University. I combined it with a Customer Service job in a telecommunications business. Later, I was promoted to a Key Account Manager position. But I wanted a job which is related to my technical background in a multinational company. I heard a lot about ExxonMobil before, so it was my first choice.

A: I have been in the company for about one and half year.I graduated as a Chemical Engineer and got strong background in petroleum/drilling engineering. Before moving to Prague, I worked as a drilling fluids advisor for Baker Hughes in Rio de Janeiro for 7 years. When I decided to move to Prague, I wanted to continue working for energy companies and I had already known that ExxonMobil had a branch here. So, I applied.

What do your department and your team handle?

A: We are about 300 people only in the Chemicals Department in Prague. I work in the process support as a Process Support Analyst Lead. We work with customers from America and Europe. Our main tasks are focused on investigating and solving problems related to incorrect invoices, payment divergences and issuing regulatory statements to customers.

D: I started in the front office – in Customer Service. That included mainly operational things. I cooperated with Sales, local teams and also global teams. I supported the business in Egypt. From that position, I moved to another Operations position, Marine Container Coordinator. I learned a lot about supply chain in general and how to manage overseas transportation arrangements. I also got the chance to educate myself about chemicals production in general, organize trainings related to chemicals and share my knowledge about technology, oil prices and so on.

What chemicals does ExxonMobil produce?

A: ExxonMobil Chemicals provides from packaging materials and plastic bottles to automobile bumpers, synthetic rubber, solvents and countless consumer goods. ExxonMobil products are present in any industry you can imagine – automotive, healthcare, construction, oil and gas, lubricants, packging...

D: We provide solutions. We produce plastic products but it’s more about developing the technology to make sure that the product is serving its ultimate purpose. That is unique about ExxonMobil.

What do you like the most about ExxonMobil?

A: I enjoy working for corporations and I like ExxonMobil putting effort into our growth and development. The opportunities we find here are amazing. And there are so many nationalities in the company! That’s what I like the most.

D: I like the diversity, respect and the culture. Everyone is included and respected. There is also a huge focus on the improvement of processes.

Do you have any favorite benefits?

A: I like the massages that we are allowed to go for and also the Benefit card that we can use to practise different activities in gyms all over Prague. We can also choose from many language courses.

D: There are good saving systems for pension funds. We also have this “motto” Safety first. ExxonMobil pays a lot of attention to the employees’ safety. We have regular check-ups on our position when sitting. We have amazing ergonomic chairs. Also, our laptops are equipped with the break-suggestion program. It gives you suggestions on when to take a break or do some exercise. Moreover, the company offers a wide range of events and sessions on topics such as life in Prague, women interests, healthy diet, family difficulties...

Do you organize some events together as a team?

D: Yes, we went for example to an escape room, a cooking class, games night, virtual games...

A: We have a teambuilding every 3 months. Last time we did a treasure hunt and then went for a dinner, that was a lot of fun.

What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I like to watch series; currently I’m following Narcos and Succession. I am also passionate about sports, I play volleyball at least twice per week and regularly go to the gym.

D: I like being with the family. Big family gatherings are my ultimate joy. I enjoy going for a Shisha and also hiking by the river or in the forest. I even learned to collect “houby”!


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photo by Adeline K.