Alina and Alberto, how did you get to the Czech Republic?

Alina: I am originally from Russia. To be honest, I have never wanted to live in Russia. One day, I met my mother’s friend and she told me her daughter was attending a special program at her university. Three months later I left for Prague and here I am. It’s been 12 years now.

Alberto: I come from Italy. I first came to Prague in 2010 for Erasmus. After graduation, I came back and stayed. I found a Czech wife and it’s been 6 years.

How did you get to ExxonMobil?

Alberto: I was job hunting with no clear idea in my head. When I found the position of a Planner and Dispatcher for Italy, it sounded pretty cool to me.

Alina: The same for me. I graduated and had no idea if I wanted to do HR, marketing, finance... I sent several CVs and went to several interviews., In ExxonMobil, they showed me around to see my future department. I liked that the people were speaking so many different languages. I don’t regret accepting the offer and staying with the company for more than 7 years now.

What do you do at your job?

Alina: I have gradually worked my way from a Customer Service Professional to a Supervisor of two Customer Service teams in Global Marine – Mediterranean and UK plus the Middle East. Our customers are vessel owners and we supply them with lubricants. I lead a team of 15 people and my main task is to make sure they do a good job and more importantly they are satisfied with what they do.

Alberto: I am a Customer Contact Manager, I am supervising 6 teams of 65 people in total. We provide lubricants for garages, big industrial engines, nuclear plants and so on – mainly to Automotive and Industrial customers. We also have a good business with Aviation, for example airlines and producers such as Airbus and selling Base oils and Specialties. In my role, I control the quality of cooperation with our customers.

Alina, can you give me some examples what do you deal with in Marine?

Imagine a customer calling you, saying there is a vessel in Singapore and it’s running out of lubricants. You need to arrange a very urgent delivery. It’s midnight in the Czech Republic and even your Singapore colleagues are not in the office anymore. You have maximum of 4 hours to arrange the delivery and the delivery itself takes about 3 hours. That’s when you start calling the whole world, waking people up and trying to persuade them to change their own transportation plans to make the delivery happen. This is a very common challenge we undertake.

From your experience, what are the best things about ExxonMobil?

Alberto: I like the young atmosphere. You never get bored!

Alina: For me, it’s the global recognition of the company. The longer I’m here, the more I realize the impact. I get to participate in the projects at early stages and I can see what results it has. People are always impressed when I say I work for ExxonMobil.

What abilities should an applicant for your position have?

Alberto: You need to know how to communicate with people.

Alina: For my job, it’s important to be stress resilient as issues keep coming up and there are many things that can go wrong. As I mentioned before, this kind of job is just perfect for me. You don’t get bored.

Is it difficult for you to turn off at  weekends?

Alina: It’s difficult with the mobile phone – I tend to read the emails even at home. That’s why I have decided to have two phones, a work phone and a private one.

Alberto: No, I don’t have any problem with that. And I also have two phones, it really helps!

What are the benefits that you appreciate in the company?

Alina: I like the program for employees’ support. Whenever an employee faces any life crisis, family or legal matters, he or she can anonymously and free of charge call psychologists we have a contract with and talk about the issue. Fortunately, I have never used this service, but I appreciate the opportunity.

Alberto: I completely agree. And I also like the language courses and the massage program.

Is there anything amazing you experienced in ExxonMobil?

Alina: I played in a movie! I was selected for a video on a Customer Service vision presented at a Kick-off meeting for the next year. The movie production company came from the US to film me here. That was fun!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Alina: I enjoy traveling. When I stay in Prague for longer than 4 weeks in a row, I start getting nervous and I need to plan another trip abroad. It doesn’t matter where I go, for me it’s mainly about the airport, plane and the stuff around.

Alberto: I like traveling as well but I also enjoy being in Prague with my wife. You don’t get bored in Prague. I also play and watch football. My favorite team is Torino. Not Juventus, just Torino. (laughing)

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