Let’s start with the stereotypes. Lot of Czechs think that in the US everything (even during interviews) is taking a bit to the extreme. For example; that you HAVE to wear a suit. Tell me, what is allowed and is still inappropriate during an interview?

I think our organization is pretty standard. Every company is different. You should dress based on the company’s culture. In our organization, business casual is allowed, so you are not forced to wear a suit. A nice shirt and pants are fine.

During the interview, we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, has relevant experience and can really show what value they can bring to the organization. It would be inappropriate to talk about experience or personal matters irrelevant to the job.

In Czech we always try to move forward and be progressive. Part of it is to stay on top of current trends. Does your company follow any hiring trends?

We don’t necessarily follow trends. We ask for the standard resume, cover letter and writing sample. The one rule we do have, is that we like to complete the recruiting process in 30 days or less, due to very competitive job market. If we take too long to finish our recruiting process we might lose out on a good candidate.

How many potential candidates do you get for one position?

We get a lot of resumes. In my case, I go through around 75 to 100 applications for one internship position.

It is always upsetting when you spend time on a resume and cover letter and never get a response, whether it’s positive or negative. Do you always respond to all the resumes you get?

People submit their resumes and cover letters through our job portal and I screen all the resumes we get but we don’t contact every single one. We contact the ones we’d like to interview with on the phone or in-person. At the end our HR department sends a personalized standard email to all the candidates who did not get chosen.

How do you judge a resume? What is the main criteria? Education? Experience?

I personally judge resumes mainly on experience. To me, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a degree as long as you have a strong ability and skills to fit the position. However, our organization wants a candidate that has at least a Bachelor’s degree which doesn’t have to be in a field related to the job. Those are the HR requirements.

In Czech we are moving towards video resumes, are you planning to move that direction as well?

As far as I know, we’re not planning to do that anytime soon. I have seen it around but I think it would make sense for more creative jobs.

In US, you are not allowed to include your picture, so you are not judged or discriminated by your appearance. How do you think that would be approached in a video resume?

That’s a good question. I guess because of what is going on here (racism, sexism etc.), we don’t really see video resumes as much. It could potentially create a problem. You can’t get around that, whoever reviews it, can be bias and then it is what it is. If you send a video resume you need to remember the ups and downs it might bring you.

How do you recruit?

Internally, we funnel everything through Jobvite. We put our jobs on our website as well as Linkedin, Indeed and other job portals.

Recruiting has moved mainly on social media. Do you ever go on a candidate hunt on there?

I personally don’t but we have recruiters who, for certain Grade level position, will “hunt” the right person. Typically it starts at Grade 4 and up. They mainly use Linkedin as a recruiting social media source.

Lastly, things could get a little more strict thanks to campaigns like #metoo. Did it change things around the company? For example; do you have to record an interview?

Honestly, our company has always put a lot of emphasis on gender equality and diversity. We would never discriminate. The company also has a committee that focuses on sexual harassment and women in a workplace. I haven’t noticed any changes since the campaign. We’ve been always required to take notes during phone and in-person interview and submit them to the job portal. With the large amount of interviewees, it actually helps us to pick the right candidate.

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