1. Their mindset changes the world of data

Women have an extraordinary ability. They can approach a problem differently than just using “cold” logic. They ask different questions, more general, and the final outcome then reflects this comprehensive attitude. Women are multitasking masters, therefore, they can combine various disciplines and are a real blow of fresh air in the data world. More important than perfectly configured system is to work meaningfully; and that helps others and makes their lives easier.

2. They utilize their empathy in coding

Girls don’t want to go into war with their problems. They are usually very perspective-driven and empathize with others. Even if it’s a computer. They can rise above the tasks to be solved and they do not blindly aim at the result. Often this leads to identifying little details which would otherwise go unnoticed by a man.

That is why mixed gender teams tend to be so much more successful. If the communication is right, the male and female worlds can interlink and lead to a completely new solution far exceeding the traditional methods. And IT is all about finding new procedures and pushing the limits.

3. Women are great detectives

There are few things a woman cannot find, or at least find a way to get what she needs. When you translate this to IT, it is an amazing attribute which can simplify many tasks and even save a few projects. The ability to ask and think of alternative scenarios is priceless when it comes to finding errors in codes or settings!

4. They boldly battle with stereotypes

Sometimes it’s hard to defend yourself against prejudice and stereotypes. However, women working in technology have it even harder. There are only 8% of women among all IT students – and that means quite a social pressure. It takes a lot of courage and patience to face all sorts of prejudice on a daily basis. Not to be afraid of being heard and seen, even when you are outnumbered.

However, with the advent of millennial generation to the working environment, a lot of prejudice about women in IT is beginning to crumble. Young millennial girls working in IT are not afraid to ask for the same remuneration (and they shall get it) and to show their determination to be a key player in the world of data previously exclusively dominated by men.


We had an inspiring and interesting discussion with Gemalto a Thales Company which is a big gun in fair treatment and employment of women in technologies. If you are interested in details of the debate, have a listen to the transcript here