Better workspace means better performance.

Many companies still consider their offices as an expense. With rents increasing, they focus on the simple ratio of the number of employees to the rented space - which has deteriorated. According to Cushman & Wakefield data, an employee in the Czech Republic receives about 10 sqm of space; meaning that our offices are one of the densest in Europe. With such a simple outlook, companies might overlook the important point that, the money needed to create and maintain a great working environment is not an expense, rather an investment. By caring about what environment your employees work in, you build your employer brand, attract and retain talent (raise your hand if this is easy for you in this time of extremely low unemployment), help to preserve your employees’ physical and mental health as well as enhance their ability to perform and generate the outcome that you aim for. And sooner or later, this translates into financial results. For example, according to Human Spaces Report, a simple concept, such as providing access to daylight throughout the workspace and adding some greenery, improves creativity by 15% and productivity by 6%. And yet, around half of the workspaces around the world fail to provide that.

We are on the right track, but we need to accelerate.

We don’t want to say that there are only average or even poor workspaces around us. That is not true. Companies such as Accenture, Avast, ČSOB, innogy, Microsoft and many more invested into their headquarters and rightfully attract the attention of potential employees. There are competitions for the best office design, and other events which facilitate the publicity of the subject. WELL certificate, which promotes architecture focusing on people and their health, gains attention. However, at Walk the Room, we would like to see that gradually all companies, regardless of size or industry, follow the trend of employee centricity. After all, the companies benefit from it as well.

Every step forward – even a small one – counts.

So, what can you do? Bear in mind that workspace matters. This mindset is an important start. Depending on your situation and budget, ambitions and the challenges you face, you can scale your office improvement from a few adjustments to a full makeover. There is no need to wait until it becomes possible to make major investments. There are some adjustments you can do on your own, if you put yourself into your employees' shoes and listen to them. Honestly, how many of you collect feedback regarding the physical working environment as part of the regular employee survey? And how many of you act upon it? Avoid common mistakes, such as: desk orientation which causes glare or allows people to pass behind one’s back, incorrect brightness or colour temperature of your lighting or placing loud areas, such as kitchenettes, too close to a working zone. Make sure that you give your employees a choice between different working environments. Even though collaboration is crucial for most companies, everyone needs a quiet space from time to time. Also, inject a bit of life into your working environment with some colour accents, an indoor “jungle” or artwork.

Get advice.

If you are not sure how to approach these changes or the task in front of you is rather complex, we recommend that you seek the help of workspace professionals. Let them analyze your situation and prepare a plan for you which is both tailored to your company’s needs and based on their experience and knowledge. This will provide you with an interior that won’t only be aesthetically appealing, but mainly functional and productive. We also suggest taking the effort to continuously work with the workspace in order to reach and to maintain its full potential in this ever-changing world. We wish you good luck and we are happy to discuss this further!